A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

My Global Game Jam 2020 solo entry. First time doing a full 48-hour GGJ without a team, and it was a lot of fun! Thanks to Cheric for the great music, as well as my fellow jammers at Reaktor! 

About the game

 A light-hearted, mobile crafting and slaying game. You play the role of the Villain, crafting Creations to take down the Hero. You play the role of the Hero, slaying Creations to take down the Villain.

It is meant for mobile, so please try out the Android APK for the best version possible!


necroMADNESS - PC.zip 20 MB
Necromadness - v0.2.apk 19 MB
necroMADNESS - Mac.zip 23 MB

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